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Football Juniors provides you with a great Club Website that's completely FREE! And straight away... it'll start to help you administer of your Junior Football Club and communicate with your membership.

Signing-up to Football Juniors will provide you with an excellent club website to publish news articles, team information, contact details, fixtures, results and all the usual website stuff. And it's dead easy to use!

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Club Website for Junior Football
In a nutshell


  • It's a great way to communicate with your club members and the local community.
  • It lets you keep all your club stuff in one place:
    • Phone numbers and contacts details.
    • Player details
    • Maps & directions to your grounds
    • Lists of fixtures
    • Results and match reports (including archived seasons)
    • Club documents
    • Sponsor acknowledgements
    • Much more...
  • It can save you money on phone calls - by using the website instead.
  • You can publish team photos and images and your club logo too!
  • You can use your website to: -
    • Advertise for new players and team officials
    • Support fund raising activities
    • Support grant & funding applications (your website's the first place they look).
  • You can run your own Club Shop - selling your stuff!
  • It can save hassle and expense for everyone by registering your players ONLINE!
In more detail...

Get everybody involved
Instead of just one person updating the website, with Football Juniors everybody's involved. Your website becomes more dynamic and interesting and by uploading your own photograghs and images you can really raise your clubs profile and identity!

A dynamic website with content that's relavent to everyone
And because officials can sign-in and make their own updates at any time, it means your website is updated more often, by more people, with content which is more relevant to the people who use it. For example... if a lad plays for the Under 9's, then he and his family will benefit from the direct input from the Under 9's manager, etc.

Spread the word
Frontpage news articles allow you to effectively communicate with the whole of your club. You can include photos and images and links to other website and you can even move your articles up-and-down the page with just a click of the mouse. You decide who has access to the clubs frontpage when setting user priviliges.

Space for teams
Each team has a separate 'Notice Board' that team officials can update to cover things like training times, lost property, upcoming games, etc. Information is also available to visiting teams such as maps, directions, notes about your ground, usual kick-off times, etc. What's more, it doesn't have to be the manager who does all the updates, you can have up to 4 seperate officials per team. They even get their own username and password!

Fixtures, Results & Reports
Team officials can post all their upcoming fixtures and then update them with the score and even write a match report. Publishing results like this lets the entire club share in the 'fortunes' of its teams and helps build a sense of 'community'. By entering the list of fixtures, club administrators can view and update the scheduled home games to ensure there are no pitch allocation conflicts (useful for large clubs who share pitches). Finally, there's even a facility to automatically 'gather' all the weeks match reports and e-mail them to the local paper!

Photos & Images
Upload and administer your own photos and images. Then include them in team galleries and news articles, etc.

Web links and Sponsors
You can link your site to other websites (e.g. The, your league, skills coaching sites, etc.) and you can also publish documents this way. To acknowledge your sponsors you can list them together with a link to their own website.

League Integration
Powerful new features become available as your club data integrates with your league. The 'Next Game' facility for example, means that with just a few clicks from drop down lists you can view and publish all the necessary details of an upcoming game including kickoff time, pitch location (including Google map) and opposition contact details, etc. Organising fixtures just got a lot easier!!!

Lots of new features in the pipeline
Football Juniors is a stable envirnonment but there are plently of new features under development. This means that your website will only grow in funtionality over time so your investment (in time and energy) is safe.

The season may be over... but it's not forgotten
Our archive facility automatically saves you seasons match reports and allows both teams and clubs to 'summarise' their season for viewing when the season ends. Then it becomes a like reading an old diary or photograph album.

Save some money
With clever use, Football Juniors will almost certainly make savings for your club! Think of all the phone calls that won't be necessary because parents and players can simply checkout the website for free! Where and when to meet, which strip to where, directions to oppositions ground etc. Precious time and money saved!

Easy on the Ads
With Football Juniors your content is the main event... NOT the Ads! You'll see what we mean when you see how quickly our pages load, which means you're not left twiddling you're fingers.




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