Cheshire Girls Football League

Cheshire Girls Football League
Season: 2023-24
Last update: Sunday 6th September 2020 @ 13:19
Visitors this week: 14
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Cheshire Girls Football League

CHESHIRE FA CHARTER STANDARD LEAGUE AWARD WINNERS 2015. Welcome to Cheshire Girls Football League. It all started in the mid-90s when the managers of half a dozen newly formed girls' football teams got together with the support of Cheshire FA and created... More

League News
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Manager / Coach Registration Cards

(Harvey Powell 09/09/2018)
Please note if you are helping out with a team on the touchline you will need a CGFL ID badge to show that your CRC is upto date and you have the right to be there.
If you have not got a badge speak to your club secretary and ensure all your details are on the Whole Game System. Once this is done a picture will need to be sent to CGFL registrations and a card will then be issued.
Failure to have a valid 2018-19 badge (or to display it properly) will result in a club fine.
Any questions please email: