Cheshire Girls Football League

Cheshire Girls Football League
Season: 2024-25
Last update: Sunday 6th September 2020 @ 13:19
Visitors this week: 14
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Cheshire Girls Football League

CHESHIRE FA CHARTER STANDARD LEAGUE AWARD WINNERS 2015. Welcome to Cheshire Girls Football League. It all started in the mid-90s when the managers of half a dozen newly formed girls' football teams got together with the support of Cheshire FA and created... More

League News
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New Website

(Andy Thomas 30/08/2020)
We are now using a new website: or Please... More
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AGM Meeting Minutes

(Andy Thomas 18/06/2020)
The meeting minutes from the recent AGM can be found here:
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(Harvey Powell 24/09/2015)
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Players & Glasses (Updated Feb. 2019)

(Andy Thomas 21/02/2019)
As recently highlighted in the league meeting and we have stressed for many years... More
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Transfers / New Player Registrations

(Andy Thomas 11/03/2020)
Mid Cheshire Division League Rule: A player may not be transferred between Clubs... More
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FA Heading Guidance For Youth Training

(Andy Thomas 01/03/2020)
The FA have released updated heading guidance... More
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Cold Weather & Match Wear.

(Andy Thomas 29/12/2018)
As winter has arrived the league would like to remind all Clubs that the following are permitted to help protect players from cold... More
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Manager / Coach Badges...

(Andy Thomas 05/12/2019)
Please ensure that if you have one it should be visible at all times, either worn on lanyard or armband. If you have not received one please email registrations... More

Development Leagues (U9, U10 & U11)

(Andy Thomas 30/09/2019)
CGFL would like to make all parents and coaches aware of some changes to our development leagues from this season onwards. The League will not announce any winners or runners up to any of the groupings the U9, U10 and... More
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The FA's Latest Concussion Guidelines

(Andy Thomas 17/03/2019)
Please see the FA's latest concussion guidelines here:
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U15 Teams SMS Results Service Trial

(Rick Standish 06/09/2019)
During the Moss Farm, Marbury and Vale Royal seeding leagues, the league will be trialling a new (to... More

IMPORTANT - Heath & Safety Alert

(Andy Thomas 14/10/2018)
Health & Safety Alert On Saturday 13 October, an incident occurred during an U9s game on the Rugby pitches at Moss Farm. During a game, a goal blew over. Fortunately no one was physically hurt but the risk of injury to one or more players... More
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Manager / Coach Registration Cards

(Harvey Powell 09/09/2018)
Please note if you are helping out with a team on the touchline you will need a CGFL ID badge to show that your... More

Winsford 3G (U12's)

(Andy Thomas 07/09/2018)
Winsford 3G have asked us to highlight the following. IMPORTANT NOTE FOR Winsford 3G PITCH users This is a reminder of some of the Do’s and Don’ts for new users of the 3G Facility at The Academy.... More

Important Information For U16's & Other Ages

(Andy Thomas 04/09/2018)
U16’s supplemental information: When playing away from Moss Farm: The home team will arrange the referee. The home team will pay the referee. The home team will setup two nets. The home team will... More
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Generating A "Squad List" From WGS

(Andy Thomas 09/08/2018)
This document: More
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Official League Sponsor - Qwest Services

(Harvey Powell 09/02/2018)
We are proud to announce our first ever Official League Sponsor - Qwest Services. Qwest Services will... More
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Reminder - Club Charter Standard Requirements

(Andy Thomas 04/12/2017)
Could all Clubs in our League please be sure to take note of the following Charter... More
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Twitter - Our News Hotline!

(Andy Thomas 07/09/2017)
Please check our twitter feed for the very latest news and information. eg. If fixtures need to be cancelled... More
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Change To Rules On Photography

(Andy Thomas 18/12/2017)
The Cheshire Girls Football League has changed its rules with respect to photography or videoing at Moss Farm this... More
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RESPECT Barriers,Tech Areas & Spectators 2017-2018

(Andy Thomas 12/09/2017)
This season Cheshire Girls Football League are continuing with and more rigorously... More
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CGFL Welfare Secretary Given Service Award

(Harvey Powell 08/11/2017)
Andy Thomas our very own League Welfare Secretary was awarded a lovely plate for his 10 years service to Crosfields Girls... More
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Moss Farm Information

(Harvey Powell 24/09/2015)
Please can all parents,spectators, manager's and officials please ensure they park sensibly. Please do not drop off players outside the old baths as it is dangerous and a... More
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Avoiding Fines - Tech Areas, RESPECT & Lines

(Andy Thomas 14/09/2016)
All clubs/teams should please take notice of the following. The... More
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FIFA Regulations International Clearance Over 10's

(Harvey Powell 17/02/2016)
We would like to draw your attention to a recent amendment to FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players. This... More