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Cheshire Girls Football League
Season: 2023-24
Last update: Sunday 6th September 2020 @ 13:19
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Cheshire Girls Football League

CHESHIRE FA CHARTER STANDARD LEAGUE AWARD WINNERS 2015. Welcome to Cheshire Girls Football League. It all started in the mid-90s when the managers of half a dozen newly formed girls' football teams got together with the support of Cheshire FA and created... More

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IMPORTANT - Heath & Safety Alert

(Andy Thomas 14/10/2018)
Health & Safety Alert

On Saturday 13 October, an incident occurred during an U9s game on the Rugby pitches at Moss Farm. During a game, a goal blew over. Fortunately no one was physically hurt but the risk of injury to one or more players was very high. This can only have happened because 1) the goal anchors were not in place and 2) the net was not pegged down.

On these pitches, because of teams in previous seasons leaving metal net pegs lying on the pitch, at the request of Brio and Rugby we have discouraged pegging the nets down or ensuring that plastic rather than metal ones are used for net pegging. Any net pegs that are used must be provided by the teams NOT the League or Moss Farm.

The nets used on these goals are generous and if they are tucked securely under the side bars of the goals, the only thing necessary should be the goal anchors to secure the goals on to the pitches.

Goal anchors are always issued from the barn for the sole purpose of the above and they do not always get returned resulting in teams risking a fine. However, more importantly they MUST be used for the safety of our players. It is NOT necessary to remove these anchors between games. The only thing that can be removed is a team’s net pegs where they have been used. If that occurs, then the team moving on to that pitch should check the net and either secure it with their own pegs or preferably, lift the goal anchors and secure the net under the goal side bars and then replace the goal anchors.

In addition, the referees are to be reminded that they should check the goals before each match to ensure they are safe and stable.