Cheshire Girls Football League

Cheshire Girls Football League
Season: 2023-24
Last update: Sunday 6th September 2020 @ 13:19
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Cheshire Girls Football League

CHESHIRE FA CHARTER STANDARD LEAGUE AWARD WINNERS 2015. Welcome to Cheshire Girls Football League. It all started in the mid-90s when the managers of half a dozen newly formed girls' football teams got together with the support of Cheshire FA and created... More

League News
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Avoiding Fines - Tech Areas, RESPECT & Lines

(Andy Thomas 14/09/2016)
All clubs/teams should please take notice of the following.

The League would very much prefer to have every teams co-operation rather than having to issue fines.


Managers and coaches are reminded of the following competition rules:

• RESPECT Barriers must be set out before a match starts. They must run the full length of the pitch.
• Technical areas must be marked out with cones before a match starts.
• During the match managers & coaches need to remain within their own technical area unless asked to leave by the referee or another “common sense” reason requires them to do so.
• Anyone acting as a linesman cannot also issue instructions / coach a team.
• Team coaching / instructions are only allowed to come from the technical areas.
• Technical areas are still required when playing on the Astro.

Failure to follow the competition rules may result in a fine of not less than £20 per infringement.

Persistent offenders will be dealt with at the discretion of the Management Committee.

Team managers should highlight infringements to match/league officials and/or report incidents to the league.